“At my apartment complex, we share a balcony with the unit next door. I was eating breakfast when my neighbor came outside and held this pose for a solid 10 minutes…”

-Chris, Maine

3 Comments to BALCONY BLUES

  1. ive done this…….being known as the neighborhood ‘creeper’ keeps away jehoviahs witnesses, girl scouts selling overpriced cookies, boy scouts selling popcorn no one wants, kids that should’ve been aborted trying to trick or treat and virtually all of the other idiots that live in my neighborhood.

  2. troof be told on September 17th, 2024
  3. I’m mildly amused by the “old man” shorts pulled up past his belly buitton.

  4. Doc on September 18th, 2024
  5. at first i thought he was just being funny pulling his shorts up like that until i saw “le bulge”…i wonder if the neighbor is male or female? either way total creep for showing his package so early in the morning LMAO

  6. savannah on September 25th, 2024

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