About Neighbor Shame

How it all started:

Inspired by a neighbor across the street, Neighbor Shame was created to provide a platform for people to post their strange/disgusting/noteworthy neighbor to the world! Everyone has that neighbor..

What we do:

We are proud to say that Neighbor Shame is virtually 100% ORGANIC. What that means is our site content is made up of visitor submissions and pictures taken by staff membersOccasionally, we like to post outrageous neighbor related news stories and videos that will surely grab your attention.

SO… how do we get our content? Road Trips. We drive to towns you’ve never heard of, through neighborhoods we don’t belong in and check out anything that catches our eye along the way. We may start a road trip with a ‘lead’ we receive from a visitor or staff member about an interesting house, property or dispute and then check out the surrounding area while we are there. Sometimes we’ll stop at a gas station or restaurant in a town we’re not familiar with and ask the locals about what catches their eyes around town. They usually know best!

Now, we need YOU to send us pictures and stories of YOUR neighbors!!




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