“Crazy neighbor in Charlotte, MI”

- Steven, Michigan


  • adlyia

    And people like to laugh at the south! Are you kidding me?!

  • Revo

    What an appropriate house address.

  • snake

    Next time submit the pic so that we can read the sign in the window.

  • Oogie

    That’s the risk you take doing what you do here.

  • Your Guess

    I too would love to know what that sign says, & would HATE to have these people for neighbors! Good luck!

  • Heh

    Haha Red Raider is back and you’ve found his house? He used to post on some of the other sites (such as People of Walmart).

  • sam


  • http://neighborshame Vimlich

    Please remove the title Crazy Confederate neighbor. Stupidity runs deep with some people!!! All of the flags are not Confederate flags this is clearly a house of another group that has nothing to do with the Confederate States of America unless you think that the civil war happened after WWII which you probably do.

  • yogi

    Hey adlyia, quit being a dumbass and insulting the south. MI is a northern state. SMH at pompus Yankees.

  • Lady Anne

    I agree that “Confederate” neighbor might not be completely accurate, especially considering the location. However, the Stars and Bars – and all they stand for – appeal to white supremacists of all stripes. Being of German extraction, I’d be embarrassed to live anywhere *near* this guy. Yuck. What a loser.

  • EMB

    This house is not confederate but Nazi’s definitely support it. Any society where a white man dominated others will be respected by them.

    I would enjoy trolling this guy so much. So many ideas for this racist fuck.

  • Doc

    adyia, yogi: it looks like someone from the south has relocated…

  • Carol cleland

    Makes me ashamed to say I was born in that town!

  • stever

    obviously a nut job but ya gotta love his deck.

  • Eric Hedberg

    Lady Anne.. Please search the internet again… No where do I see the stars and bars… There is no reason to be ignorant in the internet age. A modified battle flag of Northern Virginia.. and it should not be displayed like it is.

  • Eric Hedberg

    Lady Anne.. And since you mentioned it.. Germans made the term White supremacy.. See what the fundamental reason for the American Civil War… and it was NOT slavery. Actually when the confederacy made its own constitution, International slavery was banned. That is hat Lincoln did to the South in 1863 freed all the slaves that were owned by 7% of Southerners…. including freed blacks in La. slavery was not abolished in the US until 1868.. So before you people run your mouths on line, READ HISTORY.

  • Steve

    I’m the one who took this pic… The owner of this house used to live in Wyoming. He’s retired, and has a lot of time on his hands as you can see.
    ~~~ The sign in the window reads “I like to shoot men in uniform after dark”.
    He’s talking about the cops. He used to have a lot of signs in his yard that had random remarks on it, and the police would take them, which made him very angry.

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