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We’ve all seen that house that makes you say “wow, glad I don’t live next to that shit”. Sometimes, you’re the lucky person that has to live next to it.

Here’s a bunch of “those” from various parts of New Hampshire:


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  • Your Guess

    Looks just like Tennessee, I wouldnt have known the difference. & MAN there are some BAD ones in Tennessee!

  • Doc

    When I see a house like this I just put a “Yard Sale” sign up in their yard.

  • broketaxpayer

    Someone lives there?

  • Lady Anne

    There’s no shame in being poor; I’ve been there and done that, and got the T-shirt. But sloppy, trashy, dirty is just inexcusable. If you hauled it in there, you should jolly well be able to haul it out.
    Hey! YG, what part of Tennessee do you call home? Hubby is from Newport; it’s the sort of place you don’t have to exaggerate to explain.

  • snake

    A lot of people complain about home owner’s associations but without them this is the kind of crap that could happen.
    What can you do except wait till they go on vacation and set that mess afire.

  • I eat POOP

    American Pickers needs to go in here and rummage around.

  • Your Guess

    Lady Anne, Knoxville.

    Snake, I agree! Id much rather have hoity-toity conditions than neighbors like this ANYday!

    I eat poop, yeah I wonder what all they’d find!

  • Joey BadaBing

    The Christmas decorating got done early

  • Lady Anne

    YG, Newport is about 40 miles from Knoxville. Close enough. I swear, some of those places down there were *built* old!

  • Red Raider

    Get the picture #5 of my house off your fucking web site before I hunt your ass down!!!

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  • Doc

    hey, red raider:
    maybe you should clean your crap up. your house deserves to be on this website. you should probably look around, you’re probably on the people of walmart website too. idiot.
    judging by how you don’t clean anything, I think it’s safe to say your not going to be doing ANYTHING, let alone hunt someone down.
    There are companies where you live that will come and haul away that garbage you call a house.

  • Doc

    red raider:
    you should be thankful that the local people where you live haven’t started dumping garbage off in your yard, thinking it is a landfill, you trashy hillbilly.

  • Doc

    red raider: do you have kids? does social services need to be called?

  • 427/435

    why don’t you folks mind your own business, half these pics are the norm of the way people live in most parts of the country , just because you choose to live in Yuppie Utopia don’t think the rest of us do, I restore and collect classic cars Not 83 ford tempos, but cars that all you yuppies Morons could only dream of affording and my yard has looked like this many many times, Actually my insurance company threatened to drop me because they said my yard was littered with abandoned cars…… The best part about is that the pics they sent to me when complaining about my trashy yard and the abandoned cars , the pics only included 2 cars one of which was a complete all orig red/white 1959 Corvette and the other was a 1935 Dodge convertible stree trod missing the engine….. watch who you yuppies are demonizing by judging the way they keep their yards because some of us could buy and sell you and your version of the American dream if we wanted too… I can almost guarantee most of the folks living in the houses in these pics would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it after you crash your Prius or your BMW while you were paying attention to the way they lived….

  • 427/435

    and one more thing , not to defend anyone because I have no clue who Red Raider even is but that looks like a typical WORKING MANS yard to me, the pile of Tri-Axle tires would lead me to believe Red Raider is probably a Truck driver or in the wood business since that is a common job up in that country where people leave home first thing in the morning and physically work their lives away for practically nothing….. Don’t judge the working man because they are the ones that allow you fake pencil pushers to stay comfortable in your cushy jobs while living in your extremely Fake Utopia …… and for the record I am stuck living in Connecticut surrounded by Yuppies but it so easyto put the fear of god to any of you that like to judge people like me who wouldn’t be caught I a 3 piece suit or even a tie for that matter that its actually become a hobby of mine to put you and your arrogant type in your place…. so please go save babies from foreign lands like you all seem to enjoy so much while our own children starve ……….

  • Ret-usmc

    I also agree judging someone is the worst thing someone can do I have three antique cars in my driveway but my neighbor called the town. When they came to inspect I showed the the appraisal for my Packard is worth more the the little house he lives in across the street. I might buy his house from the owner and make a garage out of it. And everyone bitches when the gov make decision for you but quick to say a town board would prevent this. Keep giving your rights away sooner or later you won’t have the freedom to live at your own house.

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