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The poor residents of Northampton, England are living in a nightmare scenario straight out of a Stephen King novel right now. Someone dressed as a clown keeps popping up around town and spooking grown adults and small children alike.

The clown isn’t doing anything violent, mind you, so it’s not exactly like a Stephen King novel. But it’s close! Because clowns are terrifying, and they scare people. The Northampton Herald & Post reports clowns have been popping up in random places all across town lately, so much so that a hashtag and a Facebook group were created to track the sightings. The Northampton Chroniclereports police believe multiple people are behind the clown sightings. A warning was issued so residents won’t be so startled the next time a clown is standing in the middle of the side walk.

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- Clawson, Michigan

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Neighbors An Asshole!


Virginia Beach, Va. – Everything seems picture perfect on Victor Road in the Hilltop Manor neighborhood of Virginia Beach, until you see the sign posted in Jeanine Wenger’s front yard that reads, “Parking reserved for the neighborhood A–hole only.”

“That’s a matter of first amendment rights,” said Jeanine Wenger’s husband Rich.

“That’s not freedom of speech. That’s just hate speech,” said Joanne, who asked NewsChannel 3 not to use her last name. She contacted NewsChannel 3 about the sign. She believes Wenger put it up after a dispute over where Joanne and her husband park the couple’s truck.

“It makes me sick to my stomach,” Joanne said.

“It’s not just about the truck, it’s about everything. They’ve harassed all the neighbors,” said Jeanine Wenger, who said the sign is her way of sticking up for herself and other neighbors who say they’ve been dragged into court for neighborhood disputes with Joanne and her husband Thomas for years. “All the neighbors agree. They come by, they give me the thumbs up, and say go for it!”

Joanne said she has surveillance video from last year that shows someone from the Wenger’s home walk across the street and tie balloons on Joanne and her husband’s truck. Joanne and her husband started to park the truck on the other side of the street in front of the Wenger’s home.

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Guy goes NUTS on his neighbors with bulldozer!


Neighbors can prove to be a nuisance, and one Washington man became so fed up with those living near him that he decided to take the reigns of a bulldozer and go to town. 

51-year-old Barry Swegle of Port Angeles, west of Seattle, decided to take matters into his own hands by damaging four neighboring houses after a long-running fence line dispute.

Mr. Swegle was arrested on Friday on charges of malicious mischief following the incident.

While four houses were damaged and Swegle knocked out power for over 1,000 people when he knocked over a utility pole, nobody was hurt in the incident.

Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Borte said investigators were told that Swegle went off the deep end due to a long-running dispute with his neighbors. In addition to knocking down the utility pole, Swegle ran over a pickup truck, fully flattening it.

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An argument between two neighbors turned into a tense and long police situation in Trenton. It also kept Harrison Road between Fourth and Fort streets blocked for hours.

Trenton Police say one neighbor reportedly made threats to the other and said he had a gun. When police came, the man who allegedly made the threats would not come out of his house.

The man eventually surrendered to police late Friday night.

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