Guy goes NUTS on his neighbors with bulldozer!


Neighbors can prove to be a nuisance, and one Washington man became so fed up with those living near him that he decided to take the reigns of a bulldozer and go to town. 

51-year-old Barry Swegle of Port Angeles, west of Seattle, decided to take matters into his own hands by damaging four neighboring houses after a long-running fence line dispute.

Mr. Swegle was arrested on Friday on charges of malicious mischief following the incident.

While four houses were damaged and Swegle knocked out power for over 1,000 people when he knocked over a utility pole, nobody was hurt in the incident.

Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Borte said investigators were told that Swegle went off the deep end due to a long-running dispute with his neighbors. In addition to knocking down the utility pole, Swegle ran over a pickup truck, fully flattening it.

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  • Nonono

    Over-react much?

  • uhave2bekiddin!

    Home sweet Home!

  • Lady Anne

    It’s “reins”, not “reigns”. But the guy’s still a nut case.

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