“too early for Halloween or Christmas so I don’t think it’s a decoration – in any event, my kids think this house and whatever is next to the mailbox is super creepy” M.B.



  • DMB

    Back in the 50’s or 60’s that was the logo for a company. Can’t remember if it was GE light bulbs or if it was a power company. Probably worth a ton of money.

  • Figmur

    Reddy Kilowatt was/is his name he has a wikipedia page

  • Six Pack Genius

    A lot of utilities used Reddy Kilowatt as their mascot. Washington Water Power used it until the 1980’s.

    • OhEgads

      My Dad, probably in the 50’s or 60’s, would wear a Reddy Kilowatt costume in parades. He was a cop, and I have NO idea why he did that. All I have from that is a small Reddy Kilowatt lapel pin.

  • Dirk Wurlitzer

    Yep, that’s Reddy Kilowatt… Buy it if you can… It’s money in the bank

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