A black man filmed the moment a white homeowner pulled out a gun as he approached him outside his home. The man, Demetrius Taylor, of St. Paul, Minnesota, claims he was sitting in his car with a friend, who is black, as they discussed him selling his car to the man, when they noticed the white homeowner taking photos.

Taylor walked over to confront the man, filming as he approached, and that is when the white homeowner can be seen holding a gun in his hand. The white homeowner seems unfazed however, justifying his actions by saying; ‘We have a lot of drug dealing going on… no one is stereotyping.’

This as a woman starts yelling at the men from across the street, and asking if the homeowner would like her to call 911 on Taylor. ‘You saw two black guys having a conversation in the car and you started taking pictures,’ Taylor goes on to say in the video.  ‘When you see me walking down this street, because I’m black, you got nervous and you pulled out your gun.’

Neither of the men decided to file a report at the time, but Taylor apparently changed his mind after that according to police and will be making a report. ‘In my personal opinion, had I been Caucasian, had I been Mexican or Asian, he wouldn’t be taking pictures,’ said Taylor. 

The homeowner never pointed the gun at Taylor and was on his property at the time, so may not have broken any law.



  • Dayquan

    Once again, where is the shame?

    • MikeW08

      Hey man that’s a racist comment.

  • laggy

    were not all idiots in mn. but theres alot of them.

  • taylor

    i think the guy filming jumped to conclusions. The homeowner said drug deals were a problem in the areaso it is obvious he thught something was going down so decided to take pictures (we do the same in the UK as it deters the dodgy folk). The black guy was offended so approached the homeowner who clearly got worried about some loud stranger approaching him ! I would too as you never know these days !!

  • http://citizensteven.blogspot.com steve

    Since when is it wrong for a homeowner in America not to be armed? That’s one of the basic rights of the constitution. Sounds like the black guy was baiting the white guy and probably behaving in a ;manner to promote the presumption he was doing something illegal in order to make it appear the white guy was racist when in face he was realist and just looking out for his own interests and neighborhood. As anyone would.

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