“It was hard to get a good picture because the guy is a complete creep and was outside when I drove by. He has this tree statue carving with a weird looking elongated face on it – it also has arms and a whip and other strange decorations. Probably what he does to his wife and kids quite frankly. He loves to stare people down and taunt them as they drive by so I’m sure he’s a family man! He’s typically dressed in some sort of racist-fueled outfit with a confederate flag t-shirt or bandana, he the bandana on today.” - Rachel



  • OldMaidWhovian

    Typical native white trash Vermonter, like my sister’s guy. He’s seriously effed up in the head, very, very violent-minded. Loves his guns. Only time I had Thanksgiving dinner with him & his family, he openly threatened to murder a game warden, great holiday dinner conversation, LOL. He gave my sister an AK-47 as a present. I went to college in Vermont. Some people are normal, but the trash are really way out there.

  • Officer Shitwyck

    Maybe he’s just into bdsm.

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