This guy has a gorgeous home but a strange structure in his large yard… We think its a fort… without a ladder?


  • jimbo57

    Traditional Native American burial platform. Maybe Gramps is feeling under the weather, and this is how he prepares…

  • jake

    Boy scouts build stuff like that. Probably no ladder because he doesn’t want some kid going up there and falling .

  • marbl

    Maybe a deer stand?

  • djmi

    It’s a deer-hunting stand. He doesn’t keep the ladder there so no one uses it for poaching.

  • Roo22

    Definitely a high-seat for deer-shooting.

  • Voisin

    Deer stand, pah. It’s obvious it’s the start for their own Wicker Man. ;)

  • HobbyFlyer

    It is obviously a play climbing fort. Not so unusual and certainly to reason for the property OWNERS (do you get it? The OWNERS who can do as they damned well please regardless of what you think) to be made fun of.

  • lucernhammer

    Looks like a deer stand to me

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