“I literally watched this woman pull up to the left and parallel park her PT Cruiser into this spot opposite traffic flow. Unf*ckinbelievable – it’s always a woman right???” -CJ

Bangor, Maine


  • Arthur C. Pewtey

    Call the police and throw her into jail!

  • the wolf man

    Arthur you have the wrong concept here. First you let her walk away and then you let the air out of all of her tires and sit back and watch the panic ensue

  • Earthling

    Dodgy parking skills aside, I’m actually more offended by the fact that she drives a PT Cruiser.

  • CRinoa

    CJ obviously doesn’t get any.

  • Caitlin Richardson-Royer

    Ok, let’s add a sexist comment onto the end of what could have been a funny post. CRinoa is right. CJ doesn’t get any or something happened to his penis.

  • Gino in VT

    Here in Vermont you’re allowed to park like that

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