“I guess they were sick of getting knocks on their door by strangers.” - C.V.

  • awhiteguy

    now i know where to go.

  • Dewed

    lol I used to work at a gift store, that happened to have some jewelry with pot leaves on it. The owner didn’t know what they were. Anyway … people kept coming in asking for rolling papers, thinking it was a head shop.

  • DaQwan

    By definition, this is not a shameful neighbor. Of course, the presumption here is that the drug house is the neighbor exhibiting shameful behavior. So, moderators, get your shit together on this site. Show us shameful shit. Not this lame, fucked up, regurgitated bullshit.

    • neighborshame

      How about you stop running your fucking mouth, using different Disqus names, but posting the same shit (we can see your IP Address you fucking half-wit) and actually contribute something to this site e.g. a submission of your own neighbor and stop your fucking whining or leave. – The moderators

  • awhiteguy

    this guy is probably sick of crackheads/junkies/tweakers coming to his door looking for their fix.

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