We’re giving this an A for effort and a solid D- for appearance given the awkward-looking siding on the house. But who really cares what we think… what’s the verdict – tasteful or tacky?!

- Milo, Maine


  • LadyAnneJT

    OK, it’s not what I would select, but it is neat and tidy

  • meltemi

    well maintained. not what I would choose…but it’s not an eyesore either.

  • Calypso Joe

    Not sure why this falls into the shame category. Well kept, clean, and looks even cozy.

  • NotARealPerson

    i do believe it is what the natives call metal siding???

    • Just another reader

      Actually it is metal roofing. Used on buildings in areas that see a lot of snow fall.

      The person that shared this photo falls into the idiot category.

  • Gunner4guy

    The roof will last practically forever but the siding……! However, no 79 Chevy pickups rusting away or any piles of used tires and siding sooooo, as long as it’s cozy and weather-tight….!

  • Pearl

    The yard is clean so don’t complain…

  • TheTimeVortex

    I think it’s cute!

  • greg

    The ‘culture’ stone looks like crap & is falling off. Wrong color of ‘stone’ & motar for the structure color, and hacked bond. (joints) To homeowner: Culture Stone has free software you can super impose different styles, bonds & colors onto a picture of your structure. Works pretty good. Looks like a potential masonry customer to me. Other than that, larger/more upstairs windows would be cool. Why the fuck is this photo listed here anyways.?

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