“The roof! The roof! The roof is on… tire!!! Well at least the lawn looks good and they’re not hoarders… just can’t figure out why you would line your roof with tires? I’m not buying the insulation reasoning.” – T.J.

New Hampshire


  • ronthewolfman

    It’s because manufactured homes are for the most part are just SHIT and if they get hit with a high wind in the right direction it will peel that roof skin off in a flash. I saw one where all of the tires where scattered for a mile or more and the roof was peeled and blown miles away. Hell I’ve seen attempts at putting multipule 4 in strap all the way over the roof and anchoring to the ground which served a dual purpose of holding the whole home down to the ground.

  • bonesey

    And unmounted tires are mosquito factories.

  • hg wells

    Because the tires re-direct the wind ( like spoilers on a car) so that the roof is less likely to come off in a high wind. I thought everyone knew this.

  • bigrontn

    No, no, no, it’s because the roof on a trailer makes a horrible “sheet metal in the wind” sound whenever the wind blows. The tires hold it down and keep it from sounding like someone is bowling on the roof.

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