Senate Bill 1792 gives the Texas Department of Transportation the authority to report the names of toll violators publicly in an effort to collect more than $27 million in unpaid tolls owed by these top violators and others across the state. The tolls collected will be used to pay debt and fund operations of state-maintained toll roads.


Co-Owner City/State Unpaid Toll Transactions
Total Amount Owed
Ronny Williams Cora Lewis Pflugerville, TX 14,358 $236,026.32
Mandy Dyment Stephen Dyment Hutto, TX 10,566 $217,619.79
Renee Lee Ferguson Hutto, TX 8,718 $166,506.35
Taniqua Evans Hutto, TX 7,777 $158,705.16
Theresa Twyefort Pflugerville, TX 6,280 $149,418.37
Amee J Geren Round Rock, TX 6,692 $145,341.08
Judy Blundell Taylor, TX 5,952 $141,755.21
Ashley A Canada Austin, TX 7,100 $139,344.62
Laura A Gregory Round Rock, TX 6,111 $132,750.33
Mina Henderson Hutto, TX 5,193 $124,132.84


  • Mark

    Wonder why so many of them are women?

  • Lady Anne

    It balances out. In Maryland, we publish a list – with photos – of people behind in child support payments. Double page, every month.

  • troof be told

    Theres a difference between dodging tolls and refusing to financially support someone elses right to choose.

  • Donte

    Actually, this does not balance out. I lived in the Austin area for 2 years. There are places where the freeway switches to toll and it is not immediately obvious. They do toll by mail. I believe that they do this on purpose because this is how they make money. If TX actually had more transparency when it comes to the beginning of tolls, this would not be an issue. In the North Dallas area (lived there for a year) they actually have streets that force you onto a toll road and you have no choice but to get on. There is not traffic going the opposite direction, they just force you on the toll road. It is frustrating and they make their money from people that are not familiar with the area. At least in CA they have signs that not only say YOU ARE GETTING ON A TOLL ROAD but you are also allowed to get off of the toll road if you do not want to have to pay just to get home. TX is a trap people. Also, possibly the most backward state EVER.


    not that you will ever see that money at least not all of it but at least you might embarrass the jerks

  • DR

    This works out to between $16-$24 per toll violation. How the hell much do you people pay in toll charges in Texas???

  • r

    Texas. ‘Nuf said.

  • Jack

    LOL@DR, that is an insane toll amount. And I thought %8 tolls were bad.

    But I’m guessing the amounts include late charge penalties and fees, but really as UDUMASS said they’ll never see that money.

    But here’s my thought, how in the hell did they ever manage to let it get that high? Don’t Texans have to renew their tags and/or licenses? In the wonderful state of Maryland where they tax and fee everything (including rain) you cannot get your tags and license renewed if there are outstanding unpaid violations.

  • DrNo

    DR, in the state of WV, you have 2 weeks to pay a toll. after two weeks, it goes to $25 (from the original $2). After 30 days, it goes to $50. More than likely, TX has a similar system.

  • snake

    Some are probably kids driving their parents car.

  • Caitlin

    Can someone explain how tolls in Texas work. Here in NYS you can’t avoid them and you either use an Easy Pass or pay with cash to a live person, so there’s no way of going through them thousands of times and avoiding them. You drive the expressway pick up your ticket with all the next tolls, you get off at whatever toll you need to go to then pay that amount. Maybe if Texas did something like that they wouldn’t have to hunt down all these people.

  • Donte

    Tolls in TX: You can get a toll tag that you charge with funds. This is generally the cheapest way to use the toll roads in TX. If you do not have a toll tag, they will use your license plate and send the toll to the last address you had your plates registered. The problem is, is that there is often not enough notice saying you are getting on a toll road and you end up stuck. They get your plates and send you the request for funds by mail. This tends to be more expensive than using the toll tag. If you live in an area where there are a lot of these, the bill can stack up. Mine is like 75 bucks. I have never had the experience with TX where when you register your car they ask for the tolls as well. I think they are two different agencies.

  • BL

    Texas State Highway 130 runs right through Hutto and Round Rock and very near Pflugerville as well as into Austin. It is very well marked letting one know that it is a toll road. It also has a “last free exit” which is also marked. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but it has the highest posted speed limit in the nation of 85 MPH, which makes it very attractive to drive on. Regardless of whether or not they are “marked” before you get on. There may be other toll roads in Texas that “trap” people, but the people on this list KNOW they are driving a toll road, many, many times…

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