• awhiteguy

    why do pedophiles and rapists have to ruin things for other people? now a days, you can’t own a full size van or even go for a walk in the park without someone thinking you’re one of them. thanks alot perverts!

    • Morgan Blonde

      Haha, you look so shady you can’t even go outside by yourself… Signed, A Woman

      • shotz90s

        Typical joyless woman.

        • LadyAnneJT

          Boy! Do I feel sorry for your wife – assuming you could find somebody who didn’t nitpick and wasn’t joyless, or any of the other things you find to complain about.

          • shotz90s

            Don’t get your panties in a bunch missy. I was only having fun. Good lord…. FYI, my wife is a wonderful, fun loving and very intelligent woman who I love and respect very much.

  • Another exKPMGer

    I used to work with a guy who would go to the mall on his lunch and sit in the area where the kids play place was and eat. Not “In” the play area, just in that vicinity. That all ended when some mothers complained about the creepy guy in the suit who were there all the time. Turns out it was where he got the best data connection on his smartphone so he could stream Youtube videos (no wif-fi there) but he stopped going anyway.

    • Morgan Blonde

      Maybe he should have said something to those mothers if he was completely inconspicuous.

  • mike

    nosy ass overbearing women. if they just shut up and mind there business he’d be fine…but then they are women, they are incapable of minding their own business…or shutting up for that matter. and forget logic, they can’t even spell the word.

    • cerealkiller

      How about you learn the difference between their and there before you go bandying your opinions about?

      • shotz90s

        Typical comment from a nitpicking woman.

    • Morgan Blonde

      Women might not be able to spell “logic”, but you failed to notice that this man was addressing a *single* woman in his message. Geez…. What kind of weird fantasies do you have about women secretly meeting and plotting against a single man? That’s a bit ‘kinky’ ;)

      • awhiteguy


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