Neighbor has stairway lawn ornament…


  • ladybugs&dragonflies

    The rest of the house and yard look nice.. I’d give this neighbor a pass!

  • Kasey

    Dude it’s cause the stairs turn invisible then lead up to a cloud where the TARDIS is. I see nothing wrong!

  • OldMaidWhovian

    I’ve seen worse. Like rich people who live out in the country, and put huge modern sculptures in their front yards, thinking it will look posh, but it really looks stupid, totally out of place for the surroundings.

    As an example of the lawn art not fitting the place and time, I once had a neighbor with a fancy one level late 1950’s ranch home, whom illogically put a row of these enormous concrete Greek style Doric columns on the front lawn, back in the 1980’s.

  • awhiteguy

    atleast they keep the property well maintained compared to some of the other shit shacks on here, and the stairway thingy isn’t as stupid as some other shit i saw on here. it looks more like a safety hazard than an eyesore. if a kid sees that, he’ll want to climb it.

  • http://www.bubblews.com/account/115482-grannytenderstone Granny Tenderstone

    the stairs would look great with some vines growing up them, preferably ivy which doesn’t have to regenerate each year.

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