- Anne D


  • kniget

    where are cops when you need them? I say we shoot these folks & help cleanse the gene pool.

  • Jake

    The majority of those driving pickups fit that definition no matter how they park.

    • Carl LaFong

      The majority of people, named Jake, are assholes

      • Turdbucket

        Jake, stay home and do not get out in public. You are an idiot.

    • Henry Rollins

      The majority of people named Jake are dickless hipsters that drive crappy little Yaris’ and rely on others to do work for them.

  • LadyAnneJT

    A cellphone shot showing position of the truck, with the license plate, sent to the Maryland State Police will solve this problem very nicely. The penalty for parking in a handicapped spot ranges from $150 to $250, and this bozo gets two. Maybe even a bonus for blocking the access lane.

    • deen_ad

      Yep, I’d write three tickets for that, and I am deputized to do so!

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