“Saw this gem on the way to work today.” - Mikey

Portsmouth, New Hampshire


  • BB

    Would someone be so kind as to point out to me what Mikey saw when he submitted this? I honestly don’t see anything wrong here.

  • Ben Vincent

    I agree with BB. What’s wrong? Some people like to wear shorts that are actually shorts. I’m 5’8″. If I wear long shorts that go to the knee on tall guys, they would be at my calf.

  • Northern Girl

    I don’t see anything wrong here, either. No ass crack, beer gut or anything else hanging out that shouldn’t be.

  • marbl

    Those are actually shorts. Most of what you see nowdays are more like shortpants.

    • BB

      Aha! I’ll bet that’s what this is about. The guy is wearing real shorts and not what they consider shorts today which are, as you stated, short pants. I’ve tried to find shorts to buy and all I can find are these short pants that come down to my knees. Those are NOT shorts!

      Thanks, marbl! I think you nailed it!

  • Tom Donovan

    Gotta agree, I don’t see anything close to mock-worthy here.

  • nonono

    Some submitters have too much time on their hands.

  • CRinoa

    Maybe the submitter was focused on the reverse v-neck and purse-like object? Not that those are much to say anything about.

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