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‘Duff Man’ here as he proudly addressed himself in the third person was quite the character. When we first arrived in Salem, I heard somebody yell “Duff Man Done Peeing!” so we tracked down the voice and this guy is what we found! Duff Man was putting on quite the show for us to the displeasure of his lady friend and it turns out he thought we were taking pictures for a local newspaper. Not quite, but you’re certainly getting your 15 minutes with us buddy.

*Neighbor Shame was in Salem Massachusetts for Halloween! It was fun to see the People of Salem flood their streets in one of the most historic cities in America on their Trademark Holiday.

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  • Fu

    I live is Salem. Halloweens sucks. What happened 100s of years ago is a great lesson on mass hysteria and some how it has morphed into this crap. How aboutnext year everyone one goes in normal clothing and you say you are all “adults with dignity.” Fuck halloween

  • Fu

    Also I’m willing to bet none of these turds are from salem

  • Jess

    Fu you sound like a barrel of fun. You don’t sound like an adult with dignity, so don’t go prescribing it for anyone else.

  • Bubba
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