“Oh look it’s the rotten neighbor who leaves her cat out in the snow and cold!”

From Twitter follower @spudgrrl2014

  • bigstimpycat

    so why don’t you do something? call the local animal authority! idiot.

  • Buffalo Soldier

    cat? I see a lady shoveling…

    • shotz90s

      Yes, with a FROZEN CAT!

      • Buffalo Soldier

        shut up cracker

        • shotz90s

          Can it wheat bread.

        • Vladimir

          eat sh*t honky bitch

          • Scottie P

            I’m black. Honky’s are white just like you, cracker.

  • Feature Creature

    @spudgrrl2014…. let’s just have the cat come over to your place and shit on your lap. Idiot.

  • Pusgus

    What if its a feral cat? not something you want inside your house. Be happy she feeds it.

  • ronthewolfman

    really hard to be judgmental with this poor of a photo, someone should have done a job of crop and edit before submitting it

  • Buffalo Soldier

    what cat?

  • cerealkiller

    Hm. Every one in the country has barn cats. Porch cats. Garage cats. They are good mousers but not everyone keeps them indoors. Don’t judge, I haven’t got cats.

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