If you missed the original post, see it here: THE “NEGROES ARE DANGEROUS” HOUSE

At the popular request of several visitors (we were probably going to do it anyway), we decided it would be fun to make this guy hit the roof. We sent him the following Shame Notice:



  • troof be told

    ill bet my left nut he doesn’t give a good god damn what you think about him.

  • egads

    Oh, please, please post their response, if they can figure out how to get to this site and vilify you! I eagerly look forward to reading more of their amazing ignorance!

  • John deere

    I live a couple houses up from this guy he plays German nazi music very loud doesn’t bother me much. He also goes up and down the street picking up the trash. The very odd part is he has 2 mail boxes? And if he talks to you he talks for an hour plus if you let him, I normally just get in my car and take a 5 min ride up the road so he leaves.

  • PublicWifi

    This is great!

  • Lawrencia

    What a disgusting hateful racist, old man. When he dies can we hang signs on his grave?

    • LadyScot

      That is the great thing about freedom of speech. It applies to EVERYONE, not just those who think like you.

      • Scott

        But racists do not believe in the Constitution…

    • john

      He is just a hateful person!! With no morals

  • LadyScot

    His property, his opinion, his right to express it.

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