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“Had to turn around to get a couple pictures of this guy. The pictures don’t even do justice. He has stuff OVER THE WHOLE YARD.” -Jay H. 

Check out the recycle sculptor website HERE!!


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  • M. G.

    Is that a guillitone I see? Better not mess with him!

    • Nathan Nicholls

      yes. I use it on folks whp put me on neighbor shame

      • Donna Dashnau

        Nathan, most of us don’t feel that way. The pictures I posted from our visit the other day are getting wonderful comments. People want to know where you are. And by the way, the rhino looks awesome in our bed of flowering columbine!

  • Constance Friend

    So let me get this straight… someone thinks that a home grown business where someone turns what would have been garbage into gorgeous art deserves to be ashamed? Why not worry about the guy who doesn’t mow his yard and has just junk sitting in it that has not been repurposed? I’d love to live next to this! I’d buy some and put in my own yard.

  • Katrina Ray-Saulis

    What a cool place! This makes me want to visit…

  • Joyce Mastro

    Nathan, Please don’t let this idiot upset you. I had a great time yesterday walking through your sculpture garden. And anyone reading this should know that you are an respected artist, and I went to your “place of business” to choose some of your work for my gallery. Joyce Mastro, Hole In The Wall Studioworks, Raymond, ME

  • Chynna Paige Johnson

    Wow…I don’t see dead animals…or matresses…or rotting vehicles half burried in the yard. Nor do I see a red neck mowing his lawn in order to find his lawn mower. Sheesh..I’d be sooooo embarassed to live next to someone that does what he LOVES for a living and SHARES it with the world . ;) love ya dad.

  • Wahchintonka Lightfoot

    They just want your fire wood.

  • Sera Underwood

    Looks awesome to me. I wish I had creative, inspiring neighbors!!!

  • lucernhammer

    This yard is friggin awesome wish this was my neighbor.
    Some people are so into the gated community look they lose any origianality

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