“Seriously, this picture was taken in November. ┬áNote the murky color of the water that had not been treated since mid-July.”

- E. Lee, Ohio


  • jeannine

    wouldnt happen in Australia, yes the pool would still be neglected here, however pools here have to be fenced and child proofed not left open for anyone stupid enough to climb in, they also have to be inspected by local councils and approved and they also have to have a notice up displaying step by step how to do CPR …however that pool in question would be easy for a child to drown in and with the filth not be noticed at the bottom..people here bitch about our pool safety laws but they are so worth it even if it saves one life and it has saved many lives to my knowledge, dont know why someones not sneaked over during the night and poked a hole thru it at ground level

  • Bianca

    This just might be my brother, he married this lady ( I use that term loosely) who had 3 kids and is total white trash. They have a pool like this in their yard that looks like it could be a science experiment or the next breeding ground for a new life form. Those kids still swim in it.

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