Christmas Light display set to the song ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ Make sure to turn up your sound!!!

- Tulsa, Oklahoma


  • Bubba

    That was sweet!

  • Lookit That

    That was fantastic, must have taken hours to program !!!

  • BB

    Excellent light show, but couldn’t they have done it to a good song? That fox song turns my stomach and gives me diarrhea.

  • TirePatch King

    With all the technology and skill involved in producing that scene, dontcha think they could have invested in a tripod? Hell, use a barstool or step ladder. Made me seasick to watch.

  • Joey BadaBing


    that is Christmas decor ?

    a couple of gallons of gasoline and a match will fix that noisy mess

  • Picklestink

    We have one of these disasters in our neighborhood. All I’m going to say is we don’t let our kids play with their kids. Don’t want any of that nonsense coming home. It’s a disease of bad decisions.

  • lordofthegadflies

    That song and its video are so stupid and senseless that they make me question the sanity of Scandinavians.

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