“Sorry I didn’t get a pic of the guy. He crawls through the window and sits on that chair for hours at a time. I think he tries to see view my sorority sisters and I through the window.” -AllieĀ 

  • James Ellingson, PhD.

    Allie dear, you imply that you are a college student simply by the nature of your comment that you have sorority sisters. Stay in college dear and focus on English and grammar. Your comment should read, “my sorority sisters and me through the window.”

    It is a common mistake made by people that believe the should never use the word me and always use the word I to describe oneself.

    Anyway, I am calling foul and that you really are not a college student.

    • Scott

      I am with Mr. Ellingson. I don’t think “Allie” is really a college student. Maybe “Allie” is really “Alex.” A dude.

    • James

      I was going to say the same thing. Also, it looks like a cracky area of town. Probably not “sorority sisters” as much as “a stable of ho’s”.

  • BB

    “I think he tries to see view my sorority sisters and I through the window.”

    WTF are you trying to say? I agree with Mr. Ellingson in that you need to stay in school and pay more attention in English class. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.

  • fIJI

    Please stay in school..

  • Morticia Marina

    The best thing you guys think of is to complain she wrote “my sorority sisters and I” ?

    Ya’ll such witty trolls.

  • Takiwiaa

    Allie, remember this; remove the other person and what do you have?
    “I think he tries to see ME through the window”. Works every time remove the other person or persons and how does it sound?

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