In North Dakota, though, one woman is seemingly willing to spend the rest of 2024 pulling toilet paper off of her roof because she’s handing out notes to chubby kids to remind them that they’re chubby.

Seriously, a Fargo woman plans to give notes to children who appear “moderately obese” in hopes that the message will shame their parents into rationing their supply of Halloween candy.

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  • wolfman

    Or just maybe the teacher is someone who is trying to help PREVENT A PROBLEM for getting worse. Just maybe this teacher really cares about this student and maybe they have been there themselves and know the long term pain being overweight causes. JUST MAYBE.

  • Wishin’ I was Hank

    Just mind your own business
    Mind your own business
    If you mind your business, then you won’t be mindin’ mine.

    Mindin’ other people’s business seems to be high-toned
    I got all that I can do just to mind my own
    Why don’t you mind your own business
    Mind your own business
    If you mind your own business, you’ll stay busy all the time.

  • JWan

    This was a hoax by a radio station. I’m from North Dakota, It was a joke. Not a very funny one.

  • OldMaidWhovian

    Rude! Just plain rude! Unhealthy eating habits? Obsession with other people’s appearances is just as unhealthy. Telling kids they are fat is just…wrong. How is that caring about a child, sending a child home with a note that says he or she is somehow defective in the eyes of another grown up?

    If she really cared about the kids, she would first of all be respectful of other’s feelings. Then, She should put her energy in giving food to a church food pantry, if she really cared about kids–help hungry kids, for pity’s sake.

  • greg

    Wrong fucking point, I’d go for a note:
    “Hey parents & kiddies alike, you do realize that Halloween is a fucking Satanist pagan holiday & I refuse to partake in it, Have a good day.”

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