“Loving my new apartment neighbor already (sarcasm)”

  • ronthewolfman

    knew a gal once who had a similar problem, she was a dancer and got home at 2 AM most nights and had a clearly defined reserved parking space. Came home from work and there was someones car parked in her space so she just parked somewhere else.
    Came home the next night and the same car was parked in her place again, so she wrote this note to the cars owner This is your first, your last and only notice! if you park here again your car will be towed after it is severely damaged. She then when and let most of the air out of all 4 tires, she left just enough air in so that he could limp to a convenience store to get the air replaced with out damaging the tires. Problem never happen again.

  • lordofthegadflies

    This is why I live in a rural area. There’s plenty of room on my property to park all 5 of my vehicles.

    • Respect My Authoritah

      Don’t you mean plenty of room for all 5 of your junkers to sit on cement blocks in the yard?

  • Respect My Authoritah

    If it’s reserved then just call a tow truck. Problem solved. Be an adult.

    • awhiteguy

      i would break in to that car, somehow put it in neutral, and roll it down a hill.

  • LadyAnneJT

    Apartment complex? Send this photo to management. Most places offer the parker two choices – park correctly or get evicted.

  • tom

    get your windshield fixed

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