“I left my car parked in front of my house instead of out in the street on Christmas night so my girlfriend and I could load our gifts/food into our house easily. The next day my neighbor decides to leave this note, rather than ask me to move my car. Also, they drive a huge truck and block off their area in our complex several times a month loading chopped wood/ moving shit. My plan: 25 copies of the same note to leave on my fellow neighbor’s cars as they park in their driveway on a daily basis…” – Nathan

  • Angela Kershner

    I am so confused by this. So, you’re supposed to park “out in the street” rather than in your driveway? What’s the point of the driveway then? I could see if the rule was that you had to park in your garage (I assume you don’t have one, since none is mentioned), but I would think that it would be preferable to park in the driveway over parking on the street…

    • Randy Watson

      HOA’s do not make any sense at all, ever, ever, ever. No need to try to understand them.

      • Refined Rita

        Here is what I am dealing with in the wake of several reports of large fines levied by homeowner’s associations, Lakewood Ranch HOA leaders announced plans to launch a new program that will simplify the payment process. This federal government program is quite a joke.

        Under the new Fine Unbind program, residents will be required to store their checking account information with their respective HOAs. In the event of a rule violation, HOA leaders will be able to assess the fine and automatically debit the amount from the homeowner’s account.

        The new F.U. program, leaders say, will help eliminate situations in which exorbitant interest accrues because of non-payment.

        When a participating homeowner is found in violation of an HOA rule, the HOA will send one notice via certified mail of the violation and the fine. The money will be automatically deducted within five business days of the postmark date of the notice.

        If the debit is rejected because of insufficient funds, the homeowner will be responsible for any and all bank fees as well as a $500.00 convenience fee in addition to the original fine.

        HOA leaders also are making fine payment easier for homeowners leery of supplying their account information. Using fines already collected, Ranch HOAs will be installing ATM-style kiosks at Town Hall. Homeowners will be able to pay their fines conveniently through these machines, which will take check, debit and all major credit cards.

        The new payment options come after several reports of Lakewood Ranch residents paying fines of more than $1,500.00 because of HOA violations such as having too many decorations in the front yard and placing a small sign on the front of the home. Leaders said the new payment options are the simplest and fairest way to enforce the HOA codes.

        I have listed my place for sale as of 8:00 am this morning because of this new process. I have no place to move yet, but anywhere else has got to be better.

        • Randy Watson

          insane!!!! watch as real estate plummets in neighborhoods with HOA’s. I refuse to buy a home with an HOA. It’s an automatic red flag for me.

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