“My friend goes to a school that doesn’t allow the opposite sex in their respective dorm rooms, so this is movie night…”

Wow, this miserable setup really still exists? Do they not allow Black People there either?

(Originally posted 25, 2024)


    Well that was sweet he figured a way to be able to spend time together.

  • Pearl

    well at least he’s obeying the rules….

  • Doc

    Atta boy for figuring a way around an archaic rule.

  • Lyzzie

    I went to a school like that. You have to be approved if you want to have a party and then your door has to stay open.

  • Caitlin

    But this means if you’re gay or lesbian your s/o can be over all they want, hey it’s not against the rules.

  • JG

    Here in Europe, student accommodation is typically mixed – you have to specifically request to live in a single sex area – and that is subject to availability. Nobody cares who is in your room and it is none of their business.

  • egads

    As said above, kudos to obeying the rules to spend time together. The sites comment about “Black People” is…what?? Is there a problem here?

  • Egregious

    Ah, Liberty University…I remember my Alma Mater well – just as well as I remember moving off campus as soon as humanly possible. Many kids would do this just to spend time with their significant others – and even these would be harassed if an RA/RD saw them sitting so close.
    Word to the wise: avoid these sanctimonious “christian” institutions, you’ll only leave frustrated and in debt.

  • Your Guess

    WTH?! Ive never heard of any male willing to do this, & not try & sneak her inside. How weird. Who even obeys rules nowdays anyway??

  • Hap

    What happens when she has to use the bathroom? Can she go inside for that?

  • Jack

    “Black people” is an oxymoron.

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