We live live right by a bar and have called the cops multiple times on drunks walking through our property. Came home and this was my husbands solution! -Heather K. 



  • MagPie

    Personally, I don’t really care if people walk on my lawn so long as they’re not littering or leaving behind dog poop. Your house is so close to the street though, so I can see why it’d be a problem.

  • broketaxpayer

    Solution: plant thorny bushes. That’ll keep them off the lawn!

  • jake

    Yeah , rose bushes would work well and look nice too. Then you might want to invest in some paint. Looks like a nice big house, fix it up a little or someone will post it here.

  • Lynn Kalinosky

    red barberry bushes. pretty, and painful.

  • Nonono

    This house is on a corner, close to the street, and no sidewalks. Most cities consider the first few feet from the curb to be public easement. Personally, I don’t see the problem, at least they aren’t walking in the street where it’s not safe. My solution would be to put down pavers or mulch to have something to walk on instead of wearing down the grass.

    • Doc

      it seems that every time you post, its just an opinion you came up with.
      fact: 1. the “easement” is 33 feet from the center of the road. not one city in the world considers “the first few feet” anything. what the fuck is that? the first few feet?

      2. most “cities” have sidewalks on one side or the other.
      3. grass is never a sidewalk
      4. no one really cares what you “personally” think. just because you don’t know the laws doesn’t make it so.
      5. trespassing is illegal.

  • rob

    House could use some paint

  • keefer

    Buy some paint and put up a fence then, you lazy fucks.

  • doc

    my cousin had this problem with drunken losers walking in his lawn. he put down chicken wire with tent steaks for a couple weeks. between that and the garden hose he solved that problem. now the drunk losers walk elsewhere. if your going to be a sloppy drunk asshole, have the decency to stay off other people’s properties.

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