Joggers in the Highpoint neighborhood of East Memphis, TN are crying fowl after a large owl has reportedly attacked at least two joggers the past few days.

The aggressive bird has even taken a hat off one man’s head. John Bean said the owl stole more than his hat. His headphones are gone. They were attached to the hat, so the owl made off with his iPod, too.

Joe Parks runs through the east Memphis neighborhood of Hedgemoor everyday. A few days ago, he felt what he thought was a branch knock him on the head. But it wasn’t a branch. Rather it was a bird and it was circling around for another pass, Park said.

“He was coming at me at eye level,” Park told FOX13 News. “It was very dark. There was a little bit of fog, and he was dead silent. I happened to turn around when he was coming at me and I hit the deck. He landed in a tree. So there I was on the ground.  I could see the silhouette, up against the sky of the breaking dawn and it was very clear to me, it was an owl.



  • Nonono

    If you’re out jogging after dark, you’re fair game. Joggers be tasty morsels. :)

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