“This neighbor has a problem being a good neighbor. Hit and Runs 1 neighbor and continuously puts her trash can in front of her next door neighbors house.” – Linda H.

  • CRinoa

    What is the point of moving the trash cans? Are you charged for service based on the number of cans in front of your house?

    • littlesumthin

      First, you are not suppose to put your trash cans near things like mail boxes and street lamps. Second, she constantly put the cans out early then wouldn’t collect them from the curb. Third, she has a front curb of her own If she wants to look at them for a week that’s her prerogative (the city gives you 24 hrs) but let her house look like shit not the neighbors. Trash cans are not yard decorations for cripes sakes. Also when you leave them at the curb it gives criminals the impression you’re not home

      • Just Me

        So…if she put the trash cans in front of the neighbor’s house couldn’t that be construed as a “gift” and whoever she does this to could just take the cans once they are empty?

        • littlesumthin

          No, and why would you want them LOL

          • DPH

            That person would be searching for her cans everyday. I would be taking them around the corner or loading them up and dropping them off in the next neighborhood. First thing I would do is put them right in the middle of her driveway so that she would have to get out of her car to park it. See how long she puts up with that….

          • littlesumthin


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