“Am i allowed to shame myself ?? How many 56 year old guys have you seen wearing walmart hello kitty tops and panties ?? I love my Lake Geneva, WI walmart !!”

 – Jeffrey

Answer:  None. Perhaps the guys over at People Of Walmart can help us out with this one… for some strange reason, we kind of hope Jeffrey sends us more of his Walmart Outfit Selfies.

  • Lookit That

    Call yor local crisis hot line!! You need some help.

  • Doc

    WAAAYYY beyond creepy!

  • Picklestink

    I feel molested just by looking at this. At least he doesn’t have a suit made of human skin.

  • pct2k

    How can this guy look his coworkers in the face?
    Oh the life’s work a good psychiatrist could get out of this very sick man!

  • Megan

    You know, there’s probably a big section of Craigs List set aside for people like this.

  • murphys

    Desperate need for attention …and very gay

  • PeopleMakeMeSick

    First of all the underwear are on inside out AND backwards. Secondly, this guy SCREAMS pedophile! WTH!?!?

  • jeffrey stone

    Pass me around the party and have fun !! More comments welcomed !!

  • Mayor McTurd

    you, jeffrey, are a f*cking douchebag. are you just now coming out? go post this stupid-*aa sh*t on one of the cock-wrangling reddit subs, we’re here to laugh at idiot neighbors, not gay shithats who get off on people looking at them dressed up like f*cking child molesters.

  • egads

    Jeffrey, if you’re not a pedofile…you go! If you are a pedofile…many, many people will hunt you down.

  • jeffrey stone

    Definetly not !! I swear..

  • Your Guess

    “Definetly not”?? It sure doesnt look that way! I would be extremely concerned if I had kids & they were anywhere near you. If you are in fact just weird & harmless, that still doesnt mean you arent creepy. *Shivers*. Man their are so many wackos in this world.

  • Trixy

    I honestly think you look freaking cute :) You rock, do whatever makes you happy

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  • fred

    Please stop feeding the troll.
    If you ignore him, he will go away.

  • jeffrey…

    Not going away.. text me for party photos to laugh at !!! 262-716-9913.. jeffrey..

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