All this snow is making people go NUTS. Gary here is no exception and he loses his mind after the neighbor blows snow onto his property.

  • jeffrey stone

    What a great laugh to start my day !! Jeffrey.. twin lakes wi.

  • UncommonSense

    Gary is right. Camera dude is 100% wrong. If I were Gary, I’d blow every speck of snow I could reach with my snow blower onto his property.

  • El Conquistador

    I really feel for Gary living next to that smerky instigating ass.

  • Harrison

    Yeah…I’m thinking Gary finally lost it after putting up with the dick with the camera for a long time. Camera Dick is obviously a jerk of a neighbor who does come off like a sociopath, sounds like he does things on purpose to piss people off so he can mock them. He probably watches his little movies over and over to make himself feel more powerful or something.

  • Candy

    Sorry, Gary wins this one. If you blow snow on a place I’ve already cleaned, I’m going to drop an “f” bomb or two also. The guy with the camera is a prime example of the entitled generation.

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