“A neighbor leaves a cart, about once a week, in the vacant lot across¬†the street. At least Im not the only person who noticed.” – Josie

Lakewood, Colorado


  • awhiteguy

    this guy should be charged with stealing shopping carts

  • tonydadon

    Instead of writing that long ass poster. Wouldn’t it have been better just to call the store and tell them there are a dozen of their shopping carts located at this place. Except for the tan one, they all look like they’re all from the same store.
    At three hundred bucks a piece, I’m sure they would come and pick them up.

    • broketaxpayer

      They probably already know where this repeat offender is.

  • Matthew Wilcox

    what if its a handicapped woman who has a hard-time carrying her groceries home without the grocery cart and well its obviously difficult for her to return them…

    … that’s probably not the case at all though. Its probably punk kids

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