“Dude on the left has had a yard like this for years. He’s even re-sodded it and within several weeks it’s all shot. It’s Florida. How do ya not grow grass in Florida? That’s a black thumb if I ever saw one.”



  • Six Pack Genius

    It needs fertilizer. You could water the lawn all the time and it can still be brown. I lived at a place where the yard was like that, nutrient poor, a lot of clay in the soil and it would not get green even if I poured the entire Columbia River on it. Just get some weed and feed, put it down once a month and it will be green.

  • Justme

    or he can always get his neighbour to do it – he’s doing something right lol

  • BB

    How is this a neighbor shame? The submitter admitted that the guy has tried to sod the yard but it died on him. So he has troubles growing greenery. So does a LOT of people. I applaud the guy’s efforts because he at least cares a but since he’s tried to grow grass.

    • Amy

      why do you even revisit this site? every time I scroll to the comments there’s another comment from you criticizing their decision of what they post…

      • Doc

        why are you even reading the comments. every time you read the comments people criticize others and you (stupidly) wonder why?
        i bet the next house will be yours…

  • Doc

    assholes growing grass in florida is why the water table is low.

  • Kim

    uhhhhh growing grass in Florida is very difficult. I live here! It takes a ton of care….some people have things like a job, family, a life to keep em busy.

    • Xynix

      I live in Florida and my grass is perfect! Of course I have an HOA and lawn care people that take care of it ;)

      P.S. don’t eat the coconuts!

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