“This is a redneck that lives in vermont but i don’t want to be more specific than that. I waited until we moved to send this in because who knows if theyre the crazy type of rednecks with guns or not. They are crazy loud all the time with their motors and theres just trash all over the yard plus they are the worst people ever! Glad we moved!!” - Stefanie



  • Bert

    I know rednecks and hillbillies. I recently moved away from one too: parked his shit wagon illegal in the alley for years, smashed windows, hole in the garage door, the roof was used as storage, and it goes on, including lying to the police about his activities, yelling at old women and kids…. And this was a nice neighbourhood. But he’s old and weak and will die soon. Property values will go up that day. (Right Garry?) Lesson: you can’t fight stupid.

    • shotz90s

      I know hipsters and liberals. I moved away from the city because it was full of pretentious shits that sniff each others asses, have yippy damn gopher-dogs that crap in your yard and they wear those stupid ass flannel shirts w/ beards that make them think it makes them real men. I grabbed my guns and got the fk out of there. I love being somewhere w/ less morons around, I mow my yard once a week, go to the target range once a week and don’t have to listen to yippee gopher-dogs. FYI, no toilet flower planters in my yard either.

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