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We’ve all had that sh*tty neighbor that’s made us seek revenge in some childish way. Here’s a few stories we thought were pretty funny. Can you top these revenge stories?! SHARE YOUR NEIGHBOR STORY WITH US!!


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  • medicontheedge

    Find a bagpipe band and offer to let them use your garage for practice. Try to find a start up, so they won’t be very good.

  • Les

    Stop blasting them with your radio and maybe they’ll calm down a bit. Years ago I purchased a white noise device to drown out my former neighbors rap crap. Fortunately my nasty neighbors could hear the device’s sound and would turn down their music whenever I turned it up to drown out their ‘music’. It always worked like a charm even though I didn’t purchase the device so they would hear it.

  • Nonono

    Try being nice to them. Bake them cookies and deliver them with a smile, make a truce. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    • murr1066

      Fuck that Nonono. Pour on the vinegar.

      • Nonono

        You reap what you sow.

  • BB

    First off, do you know for a fact that your neighbor actually did those acts? Did you witness them doing them? If so, then call the police and file a claim of vandalism.

    To ask how to get even with your neighbors, and admitting by blaring your music, only shows that you are an immature arse and LESS of a person than they are. Want to be the better person? Grow the eff up!!!

    • murr1066

      Amen sister.

  • Ben Hughes

    Flaming bag of dog poop?

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