“I think my neighbor has Stonehenge in their front yard.”



  • ronthewolfman

    compared to most of the crap people have in their front yards this is at least easy on the eyes. Plus this type of art is changeable which is a real plus. I would suggest that the owner install concrete pedestals so that maintaining the grass would be way easier to cut around their art works.

  • CLint

    @ronthewolfman….I rode your mom like a rented mule on those rocks.

    And, she liked it.

  • ronthewolfman

    yea clunt she was and will always be the best ride you will ever have, sorry she couldn’t say the same about you with your pathetic little clock and you overall inabilities.

  • CLint

    @ronthewoflman… That is because you are the best she has ever had. Just sayin’.

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