Wilton town officials are seeking $100 per day from Duane Pollis for piles of scrap that he says have ‘a purpose.’

Town officials are seeking more than $5,000 in mounting fines from a property owner accused of refusing to clean up piles of scrap and junk in his front yard. The homeowner, Duane Pollis, said the new minimum upkeep ordinance is unfair for ordering him what to do on his property.

Pollis was served with the paperwork from the case Oct. 31. According to the summons, he had 20 days to respond in writing to the town’s complaint against him. The case will be decided in Franklin County Court in Farmington. He said he has not responded to the town about the case because he feels they will not be able to find a resolution.

Everything in his yard, he said, from the old cars to the five-gallon buckets to the scrap metal, is something he intends to use, recycle or resell. He disagrees with the town ordinance about what he is allowed to do on his property. “I won’t cater to them,” he said. “I have a purpose for everything I bring here.” 



  • Your Guess

    I really dont know how I feel about this. Yes, he should have every right to do whatever he wants in his own yard, especially if he owns the place. But come on dude! No one really wants to see it, or live next to it either. I would say buildng a BIG privacy fence all the way around would help a lot!

  • broketaxpayer

    “Everything in my yard has a purpose.” Yeah, that’s what the hoarder said before his house was condemned.

  • Nonono

    With rights comes responsibility. He has the responsibility to maintain his property. Ignoring the summons could potentially cause more fines, jail time, or forfeiture of the property. It seems to me it’s far easier to just clean up after himself and act like an adult instead of an entitled child.

  • Funjam

    What is up with Maine?

  • illini

    isn’t that Dr. House/ HUGH LAURIE?

  • Lady Anne

    And the purpose of the blue plastic newspaper bags is? It looks as if he pulls the paper from the bags, and just lets the bag land where it will. Lawn mower deck, abandoned mobile home? In Maryland, the mobile home alone would get you a hefty fine, never mind the rest of the junk.

  • PeopleMakeMeSick

    This is why my husband refuses to live anywhere that isn’t controlled by an HOA. This is ridiculous and just plain rude. Every single damn thing in that picture is crap/junk. What an asshole. I hope the county puts a lien on his property.

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