“I think my neighbor has taken the Ebola thing a little far.” - Nick B.

  • CRinoa

    He probably has allergies.

  • LadyAnneJT

    That’s what I was going to say. Pollen or grass or something.

  • JazzSinger

    Lots of people wear a mask when they cut grass because of dust, pollen, etc. This picture should not be on this site.

  • Gammaof2

    Yeah, like you get Ebola from mowing. The person taking & submitting this photo should have done a little research on the subject!

    • LJ Cool J

      My brother’s best friend’s girlfriend’s cousin told me that the CDC is going to mandate masks while cutting grass. They are very concerned about the ebola spreading by grass cutting dust. This really scars me. I found on Amazon a great deal on the masks. Yikes.

  • nonbeliever

    You are an idiot.

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