For five years, neighbors in the Wagon Wheel neighborhood of Trabuco Canyon have strung Christmas lights between their homes, with 35 houses participating in the tradition this year. Trabuco Canyon, CA residents are fighting back after the county threatened to fine them if they did not remove their neighborhood’s Christmas lights, which authorities say are a safety hazard. 

On Nov. 27, Orange County Public Works sent letters to some homeowners stating they will be fined or prosecuted if they don’t remove their lights. “I thought it was ridiculous. It just didn’t make any sense to us, and they gave us no out, so we were all pretty outraged,” said resident Brian Kopiec, who said the lights represent unity in the neighborhood. Residents fought back after receiving the letter. Neighbor Dannielle Jubb handed out permits to fill out Tuesday night in hopes of resolving the dispute.


(Trabuco Canyon, CA is a small, affluent unincorporated community located in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains in eastern Orange County, California, and lies partly within the Cleveland National Forest.) 


  • Doc

    Unfortunately I can see the county’s side of this issue. It can present a hazard to larger vehicles such as fire dept ladder trucks and power/phone company bucket trucks. Of course why did it take them 5 years to come to this conclusion?

  • Nonono

    I’m sure the city is referring to the lights criss-crossing the street. This is a hazard. How these residents don’t get it is beyond me.

  • Hap

    I agree this is an obvious hazard. house fires seem to be more common during the holidays too. I’m assuming that if someone’s house caught fire, the people would want the fire trucks to be able to get through to put it out?

  • Tim Bob

    and power lines dont hang? these all look like 2 story homes. so lets just say 20ft up are the lights. now i dont think no fire truck ups or phone company trucks are above 20ft.

  • lordofthegadflies

    As long as the lights are plugged in to GFCI-protected outlets, I don’t see a problem here.

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