“For the past eight years the friendly family has erected an elaborate holiday display on its front lawn, wowing neighbors with inflatable characters, a Christmas train and a light show synced to music.

When Richard Thompson flipped the switch to power up the extravaganza Sunday morning, however, nothing happened.”


  • BB

    I’m not surprised. In the article, it says that they had a 4-foot garden gnome and a 6-foot Winnie The Pooh stolen. I’m going to bet someone got tired of looking at tacky junk and is trying to teach these people a lesson. Some yard decorations look nice while going overboard creates an eyesore.

  • JD Storm

    you’d think they’d have put up security cameras a long time ago, considering they’ve had stuff messed with in years past.

  • DEevolution

    It sounds like a simple neighborhood that doesn’t give a flying turd about gnomes and winnie the poohs…they seem…hmmm, ok with life in this town. They should decorate the little bastards that screw with their stuff.

  • Al

    hey dude your dogs are a bit overweight, but I see your more concerned about inanimate objects.

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