“It’s pouring rain and my neighbor is mowing his lawn! Is it bad I can’t handle idiots?” - Candi

Nashville, Tennessee


  • Handlebar Said It

    Well, just think of it THIS way, dude…..maybe he needed to get it mowed and maybe he also needed to take a shower……so he’s getting two things done for the price of one. Can ya dig it!!

  • Gus Pus

    I’d rather mow my lawn in the rain rather than on a hot blistering day, so you is the idiot now?

  • Lance Corporal

    Seems to me that Candi is just a plain old bitch.

  • Kickapoo You

    Dear Candi,

    Yes, it is bad that you can’t handle this. You just have things backwards. I am sure you have heard this all before.

    ∙ The guy cutting the grass is not the idiot, you are.

    ∙ The guy cutting his grass is minding his own business, you aren’t.

    ∙ The guy cutting grass isn’t bothering anyone, you are.

    So dear Candi, go away. Please.

  • Gammaof2

    Hey, his woman said mow the grass, he’s mowing the grass. Maybe it’s the only time he has free to mow. And unless he’s mowing at 3 AM, who cares if it’s raining?! He obviously doesn’t!!

  • greg

    Hey bitch, go back to your hero on tv (Oprah) fucking worthless Peggy. sorry, candy.

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