• doctor stinkstah

    Her thighs are really creamy. thestinky dot com

  • Martina Finley

    Just because you loud don’t mean you right! Don’t worry about the language she’s using in front of the kids. She probably calls her kids worse names when they’re at home.

  • JHaze

    Anyone care to take a guess at how many times shes been punched in the face?
    I’ll guess conservatively with 10-15 times.

  • Captain Cuntstab

    jesus, what a f*cking ignorant cooze… she’s just lucky the camera dude seems to have a pretty even temper. lol

  • Bianca

    She’s special because her ancestors 150 years ago were slaves, therefore she can do whatever she wants. That includes being as ignorant as she claims Nathan is being in front of her kids, perpetuating the cycle. Only in America.

    • Doc

      That’s always been a puzzler for me. How can a group of people who’s ancestors worked so hard for free be so lazy for their welfare checks?

  • La Donna

    Can someone fill me in what the heck was she ranting like a lunatic about?

    • Doc

      Practicing for the daily nigger-off.

  • jake

    I would have to see her in a bikini before I could decide who I’d rather have as a neighbor , her or Nathan. She has nice legs and I’m betting she would be a good …

    • Doc

      Until her pimp breaks into your house.

  • Roger

    Nathan just got off work but he implied that he didn’t live in town but should be allowed to stay there when he is in town? something isn’t right there. she might have over reacted but Nathan is a dick with a camera.

    • Doc

      He has two houses…because he has a job.
      She’s on welfare.
      Yup something isn’t right here. Her being on welfare…and being allowed to be around children at all.
      Shes just jealous her obamma phone doesn’t have a camera. Maybe it does, I’m not on welfare.

    • maritimer_reborn

      People can have guests over, it’s none of her business

  • Doc

    And if you look to your left you will see two puffins from Newfoundland…Notice how quiet and graceful they are…
    And if you look to your right you will see a welfare queen in her natural habitat…Do not make direct eye contact as they feel this is a challenge to her for her welfare check…Also notice how the father of her niglets is no where to be seen…He is in prison.

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