“While these neighbors may not be trashy, they are annoying as heck. Our neighborhood is very peacful and secluded…or was peaceful until these people moved in.

Their property is right on the very tippy toppy end of our property line. They have an infuriating brood of kids who literally scream everything they say at the top of their lungs, and the parents don’t seem to mind. The father is this giant glob of lard who rides around everyone else’s property on his 4-wheeler (sometimes letting the young children drive!)and seems to have an auto-repair shop in their backyard.

He revs these disgusting cars’ engines all day, and sometimes at 12:00 AM! Rain or shine, the only time he’s not out there grinding these car intestines is when they’re not home It’s a shame they never leave their house.

Many times all I’ve wanted to do is go outside and enjoy nature, but I can’t because these slobs ruin the peace. Not horrific enough for a shame notice, but definitely enough for a call to the police station to complain about noise control (or lack of it).

Did I mention there were two police cars with their lights flashing at this house late one evening 2 weeks ago? Don’t know if I should be humored or fearful…” - Anonymous in Catoosa, GA


  • Handlebar Said It

    Drop a couple of dozen fiery arrows onto their house from various locations.

  • LadyAnneJT

    It looks as if these folks think they live “way out in the country”. We’ve had to call the police several times after our new neighbors had 2AM karaoke parties – complete with beer and firearms.
    Perhaps you can contact the county about operating a business in a residential area?

  • Waterboarder

    Quit your damn whining. I bet you’re a liberal douche.

  • takurospirit

    Sounds like my neighbors, but we have much smaller yards. We’ve finally gotten the loud horrible music mostly under control. I thought they fixed cars but now I don’t know. It’s always the same 3 or 4 pick-ups. They just like randomly rev the engines throughout the day and rearrange them in their driveway. I’m sure they’re doing something I don’t understand or the bitches are just crazy. I have to wear ear plugs while having breakfast because someone over there warms up their car with it’s loud shitty exhaust system for like 30 minutes every morning.

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