“My new neighbors leave their dog outside in 40 degree weather with, literally, one foot of rope.”

  • G Spot Finder

    Well report them.

  • John smith

    Reort that scum bag

  • bigstimpycat

    CALL ANIMAL CONTROL IMMEDIATELY!!! why haven’t you done that already????

  • tlrobb

    f that, tie his arse to the fence with a foot of rope.see how he likes it.grrrr.ASPCA,NOW.

  • bettertexas

    Report this idiot ASAP….this poor dog needs a different home.

  • Northern Girl

    Call the authorities NOW! Nobody this stupid/ignorant/cruel deserves to have an animal and I’m frankly surprised that you would take the time to post a photo but not call the ASPCA.

  • Dave

    Report them!

  • awhiteguy

    i would just steal the dog and bring him to aspca

    • CorBon

      Yep, sometimes that is the best way. When reporting, sometimes you have to make repeated reports before the agent actually understands that most animals don’t want to be left outside like that.

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