“This property is well maintained, but in a 45 year old suburb of inexpensive, traditionally styled homes, all the pillars, flags and the statue of liberty (that may have an illuminated flame) is a bit much.” - Connie

  • Nonono

    There are 2 houses within a few blocks of my own home that have the sugary sweet overkill decorations like this one. There isn’t a lawn ornament made that they haven’t tried. Too much is just as bad as not taking care of the property.

  • Gracious

    It helps if you have to give someone directions to your house. Make a left at the gingerbread house…

  • Don Corleone

    It’s like Bay Ridge or Bensonhurst.

  • Caitie

    Makes me think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

  • LadyScot

    I would rather see that next door than trash.

  • Chris

    There is an old car dealer on route 1 in Stafford Virginia just south of Quantico Marine base, that is painted up just. Like. This.

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