“The whole neighborhood is pissed off at this guy and want him to take the advertisements [on the roof] down. A couple down the street contacted the local newspaper but I don’t think they ever got involved.” - Whole Neighborhood



  • willy

    are u sure they’re ads? looks like roof patch, to me. blue tarp alternative….

  • Chris Miller

    Why is it such a big deal? It is his property after all. Heaven forbid he makes a little money off of his property without selling it.

  • BeAR

    Definitely roof patch, get a life.

  • Renee

    I live on Westland Street and I could care less about his roof. I have more important things to worry about.

  • Rose

    I also live on the same street as this gentleman. It’s not advertising, it’s a roof patch. Perhaps the concerned neighbors would be better served by offering their time and skills to help this man shingle his roof. Posting a picture and mailing a “shame notice” is unlikely to illicit a positive outcome. And it’s mean, which, I think, is not in the spirit of neighborliness.

Shame Notice
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